Funai Soken Logistics Inc. was founded in 2000 and has maintained presence as one of the largest consulting companies specializing in business logistics in Japan. Utilizing our insightful knowledge in logistics agendas, we architect reliable strategy to actualize your ‘ideal logistics vision’ and support our clients to yield tangible results. Working hand in hand, we make consistent efforts to reinforce your earnings capacity.
That is Funai Logistics Way.

Core Services


Logistics cost reduction


We provide thorough examination and clarify benchmarks on all the costs related logistics: ocean & air freight, land transportation, packaging, land price, warehouse operation costs, logistics IT system and material handling equipments. To accomplish adequate cost-cutting in line with actual market prices, Funai offers practical roadmaps in short and mid-terms for its actualization.

Inventory reduction and its control


Based on an analytic approach, we calculate adequate inventory levels and then provide a guideline and techniques that make them into practice. Additionally, advanced inventory management approaches will be structured as warehouse relocation or integration, to respond a quest for strategic logistics management.

Support Program for Successful Logistics Competition and Implementation


In order to select a logistics partner who can achieve the overall optimization of your logistics, we will support to create such a plan of logistic competition to acquire the most competitive conditions and to implement it into your business with our most rational process.

Restructuring distribution bases


By reviewing the existent location of distribution bases, transport efficiency in view of lead-time and costs is to be increased. Also, we offer forward-thinking logistics in line with business contingency concept to enhance your advantage in scope of competitive business management.

Visualization and productivity improvement


Our focuses on this program are to identify adequate facility and handling costs, and to deliver detailed study on the operational flow in view of visualization of entire logistics process. In addition, we introduce the quantitative approach for operational management methods as logistics KPI.

Kaizen and 5S Program


We will highly develop your site at Factory, Warehouse, Distribution depot to be able to consider by itself through 1)“Site Visualization”, from “5S Program” made by many years of our experience and 2) “Implementation of improvement and learning of know-how” from our “Site Improvement Program”.

Formulation of Logistics Strategy


We will formulate “Ideal Situation” of your Logistics Department by implementation of our analysis of its corporate structure, cost reduction and formulation of strategy. We will also set up KFS (Key Factors for Success) aiming to highly-developed logistics, which leads you to competitive advantage, and formulate its Action Plan in order to build up an integrative Logistics System

Formulation of global logistics strategy


Given the increasing importance of global SCM, it is of the most vital how we map out global logistics system efficiently which could uphold each flow of overall production and distribution chain. We assess OUT-IN/IN-OUT logistics in terms of cost, quality and compliance (with law and ethics), especially identifying possible business risks and strategy of how to cope with.

Fostering logistics management organization and individual capabilities


This program is to assist human resource cultivation based on our developed know-how and definition what the role and responsibilities of logistics management division should have.

Logistics quality improvement


In order to enhance your logistics quality in operation, storage and transportation, we establish methods into the entire process in accordance with our innovative KAIZEN program. Employees obtain knowledge in day-to-day work performance improvements, and then worksite efficiency can be increased.

Building up efficient transport methods & networks


Aiming to develop transportation scheme which brings the best benefits both in cost and quality, we leverage our extensive sector experience: structuring the joint distribution system, utilization of cross docking center and direct shipment program from overseas production base, etc.

Logistics Consulting Support for Foreign Company

Support for Entering into Japan Market


We provide logistics consulting support for your staring up in Japan Market.We have the Consultants who have variety of international business experience and We support your logistics in all stages of Japan Market.

Support for Logistics Improvement in Japan


We provide logistics consulting support for your improvement (Kaizen) and restructuring based on the latest trend in Japan. We have the Consultants who have variety of international business experience and We support your logistics in all stages of Japan Market.

Affiliated Logistics Companies

Evaluation of Affiliate Company


We will evaluate your logistic affiliate companies with our evaluation axis of “competitiveness” “quality of operation” and “originality” and “SWOT analysis”. We would like you to comprehensively consider them regarding to its operational policy of your logistic strategy and its affiliate companies.

Formulation of Business Strategy

物流子会社 事業戦略策定

We will formulate “ideal situation” of affiliated logistics companies. We have a wide variety of supporting menus such as Self-sustaining, Coexisting, Development of External Sales Strategy and its acceptance of order itself.

Support to Enhance External Sales


We will provide enhancing support its external sales to be an independent logistic company that seeks maximized profit by clarifying its profit control between internal/external sales, without depending only on sales from parent companies.

Human Resource Development Program for Affiliate Company


We have various training seminars to be sales representatives and field management leaders in affiliated logistic company with such menu to improve its value of subcontracted business from parent companies and to formulate its business strategy, which can be implemented by only affiliate company.

Logistics IT

Introduction and renovation of logistics IT


Our senior IT professionals review entire operational process and then provide optimal information system and planning to introduce and renovate logistics IT infrastructure.


3PL (Third Party Logistics) Activities


We perform an administrative role in logistics operation and management on behalf of your company. Acting as your 3PL partner, our aim is to achieve cost-cutting and share benefits between a shipper and us through pursuing consistent improvement activities in step each other.

Joint Delivery


With utilization of Joint Delivery, your Company will be able to settle the shortage of driver and the increase of logistics cost. We provide the network of joint delivery with high quality and low cost by utilizing our network of transport service providers.