Private Policy

With handling personal information from our customers and business partners, Funai Logistics complies with laws concerning the protection of personal information and has declared ‘Personal Information Protection Policy’.

When you fill in any information under the prescription of ‘Private Policy’, your consent to the following contents is necessary.

Private Policy
Guidelines of Personal Information Protection Policy

1. We protect and manage personal information properly with the utmost care. Any request or inquiries concerning the retained personal information, please contact the following office.

Personal Information Protection Inquiry Office TEL: 06-7711-5562
Senior Controller: Kyoko Yasumoto

2. We handles personal information for the purpose of utilization indicated below, and do not exceed that scope.
(1) Response to inquires from clients
(2) Sending information on our service and e-mail newsletter

3. We shall not provide personal information to outside parties except specified below.
(1) In cases where clients agree.
(2) In cases where the provision of personal information is required by laws.

4. We may appoint a third party to handle personal information only within the scope necessary for achievement of the purpose of utilization of personal information.

5. We respect individual rights on personal information. If an individual requests the disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information, we will comply with such request within a reasonable scope. For requests concerning the handling of the retained personal information, please contact our ‘Personal Information Protection Inquiry Office’.

6. There are some services that are not available unless subsistence of your personal information. If you confirm and give an accent to our ‘Private Policy’, please check the “Accept” button.

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